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How to Change the Wheel on a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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This video will cover wheel replacement on a walk-behind lawn mower. Depending on your model number, these instructions may vary slightly.  Walk-behind lawn mower wheels sometimes need to be replaced due to worn wheel bushings, worn tread, or a broken wheel hub.  Make sure you have the correct size replacement wheel for your mower. Many wheels look alike. Refer to your operator's manual for the proper wheel.

Step 1

To remove a damaged wheel, start by removing the spark plug wire.

Step 2

If the mower has a height adjuster, place it in a position that allows easy access to the wheel bolts.

Step 3

Using a socket, unbolt the wheel and remove it from the mower.

Step 4

Lubricate the wheel bushings with a dry lubricant, like graphite, when installing the new wheel to promote longer life of the wheel bushings.

Step 5

Tighten the wheel nut and adjust the height of the wheel to match the other three.

Step 6

Replace the spark plug wire, and you're done!.

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