Snow Blowers/Throwers - Maintenance Schedule and Tips

 After 1st 5 hours of use After each use (or every 5 hrs) After every season or 25 hrs After every season or 50 hrs After every season or 100 hrs 
Change the engine oilX  X 
Check the engine oil X   
Clean the exhaust area X   
Check the spark plug  X  
Lubricate the gear shaft  X  
Service the spark plug    X

  • Before cleaning, repairing, or inspecting the machine, disengage all control levers and stop the engine. Wait until the auger/impeller come to a complete stop. Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground against engine to prevent unintended starting.
  • Check bolts and screws for proper tightness at frequent intervals to keep the machine in safe working condition. Also, visually inspect the machine for any damage.
  • Do not change the engine governor setting or over-speed the engine. The governor controls the maximum safe operating speed of the engine.
  • Snow thrower shave plates and skid shoes are subject to wear and damage. For your safety protection, frequently check all components and replace as needed.
  • Check control levers periodically to verify they engage and disengage properly and adjust, if necessary.
  • Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels, as necessary.
  • Observe proper disposal laws and regulations for gas, oil, etc to protect the environment.
  • Check the fuel line, tank, cap and fittings frequently for cracks or leaks. Replace if necessary.
  • Do not crank engine with spark plug removed.

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