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How to replace the belt on your front drive self propelled mower

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Note: These instructions are specific to a particular mower. Depending on your model, the steps may vary. If you feel uncomfortable performing this, or any other type of service, please take your mower to an Authorized Service Retailer.

Step 1

Place the mower on a flat level surface.

Step 2

Remove the spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting while you're working.

Step 3

Make sure fuel tank has little to NO fuel. If tank is full, use the Arnold Siphon Pump to pump the fuel into an appropriate container. Tighten fuel cap.

Step 4

Check that oil dipstick is tight.

Step 5

Remove the two shoulder screws securing the front drive cover to the mower deck. Press inward on the sides of the front drive cover to release the tabs that secure it to the height adjuster brackets. Remove the front drive cover from the mower and set off to the side.

Step 6

Loosen the screw holding the belt tension spring to the transmission. As you loosen the screw, tension on the belt will be released. Push the transmission, pivoting it towards the engine and slide the belt off of the transmission pulley.

Step 7

Tip the mower on its side with the air filter up.

Step 8

When removing the cutting blade for any reason, protect your hands with a pair of heavy gloves or use a heavy rag to hold the blade.

Step 9

Remove the blade bolt and the blade bell support that hold the blade and blade adapter to the engine crankshaft. Set off to the side.

Step 10

Remove the blade and blade adapter from the crankshaft. Set off to the side.

Step 11

Locate the baffle bracket that secures the engine baffle to the mower deck housing. Press inward on the tab on the engine baffle to release it from the baffle bracket. Remove the engine baffle at set off to the side.

Step 12

Slide the belt off the engine pulley and pull it through the opening in the deck housing.

Step 13

Install the new belt through the opening in the deck housing. Place the belt into the engine pulley. Make sure it is fully seated in the engine pulley. While pulling the belt from the transmission, slide it over the transmission pulley making sure it is seated in the pulley. Confirm that the belt is seated in both pulleys.

Step 14

Reattach the engine baffle in the reverse order.

Step 15

Lubricate the engine crankshaft and the inner surface of the blade adapter with a very light coating of oil. Slide the blade adapter onto the crankshaft aligning it with the key way. Push the blade adapter all the way until it bottoms out on the crankshaft.

Step 16

Place the blade on to the blade adapter with the wing tips up and the side of the blade with the word "Bottom" or part number facing you.

Step 17

Make sure the blade is aligned and seated on the blade adapter flanges.

Step 18

Place the blade bell support on top of the blade and align the notches on the blade bell support with the small holes in the blade.

Step 19

Turn the mower back over and make sure the belt is still seated in the transmission pulley. Tighten the screw loosened earlier to secure the belt tension spring to the transmission.

Step 20

Install the front drive cover and secure with the two shoulder screws.

Step 21

Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug.

Step 22

Wipe up any fuel or oil spilled during the repair.

Step 23

Fill the fuel tank with fuel and start the mower. Note: Some times after having the mower tilted on its side the engine will smoke on start up. This should stop after a short period of run time.

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