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How-to change the air filter on a walk-behind lawn mower

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Before you begin the process of changing your push mower's air filter, make sure you have the correct replacement filter for your engine.  You can refer to your engine's manual to determine which parts are right for your machine.

Step 1: Disconnect the spark plug wire

Disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting.

Step 2: Remove the thumbscrew from the filter cover

Turn the thumbscrew on the cover of your push mower's air filter counter-clockwise.  Remove the thumbscrew and set it aside.

Step 3: Remove the cover of the push mower air filter

Rotate the cover of the push mower's air filter outward and remove it from the housing.

Step 4: Remove the push mower air filter

Remove the filter element from the housing. 

Note: Remember how the push mower's air filter fits into the cover, and make sure you install the replacement the same way.

Step 5: Take off the paper-pleated element and pre-cleaner

Remove the paper-pleated element and foam pre-cleaner from the cover.

Step 6: Add oil to the pre-cleaner

Lightly oil the foam pre-cleaner with a few drops of new oil.  Do not over-oil the pre-cleaner.  Squeeze the foam to evenly distribute the oil and remove any excess.

Step 7: Insert the pre-cleaner into the filter cover

Insert the foam pre-cleaner into the cover of the lawn mower's air filter.

Step 8: Install the new push mower air filter

Place the new air filter into the cover with the metal screen facing out.

Step 9: Secure the push mower air filter

Put the tabs on the cover of the lawn mower's air filter into the slots on the housing.

Step 10: Screw in the housing

Secure the housing with the thumbscrew.

Step 11: Reconnect the spark plug wire

Replace the spark plug wire.

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